Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bye-bye ...

I might have mentioned before, that I am absolutely in love with Project Runway. And tonight it was on again. And of course I had to watch.
And I'm sorry to say that I was sad to see her go. I really did like her and I liked things she had made to this point. And she actually seemed authentically nice and sweet, and she was talented IMO.
On the other hand, um, Laura is really throwing me for a loop. The first few episodes I thought she was a very refined, elgant woman. But I don't know ... lately I'm thinking it's all a mask for a potty-mouthed, stressed, crabby woman! LOL! I don't know ... and seriously all her things just kind of look the same week after week. And I swear she wears the same outfits week after week. Yes, I know, I'm being too critical. I'm sure IRL she is a lovely person and it's all the editing of the show to make her look bad. But I have to say she is shocking me for the last few weeks now.
Anyway, I am loving my Project Runway this season! It's a lively group of contestants I will say that!!

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  1. I caught an episode of Project Runway in New Zealand. It looked interesting, we might get it here in Australia in the summer or non-rating periods.


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