Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ballet Sweater ...

I'm almost done knitting all the pieces.
Okay, I never knew sleeves could take so long. I thought I'd finish both sleeves up in no time at all. Not the case. It has felt like I knitted enough for my 3 year old's to be 6 feet long, but alas, when I hold the pieces up to her arms, they seem to be the correct size!

Anyway, as soon as left sleeve is done, I'm ready to block it and piece it together. But there's a problem. I've never done that before :X
So I will soon have my first foray into blocking and sewing pieces together. I hope and hope and hope and hope it goes well. I am going to try my darndest. And maybe, just maybe, I will in secret begin work on the leg warmers and make a tu-tu and then this will become her birthday present (which is coming nearer and nearer). We'll see.
I'm a big nervous. But I know I can do this - with a little help from some good books ;-)
And maybe tomorrow there will be some pics to show you of finished pieces. :::crossing fingers:::

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