Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well ...

It's a Saturday night, dare I post and prove to you just how little of a social life I lead? Eh, well, a risk I shall have to take. Although, earlier we were at a party - granted it was a graduation party for a relative, but it was fun and I had a great time.

January is coming to a quick close and February is going to be here so soon! I still don't know what my projects each day for Thing-A-Day will be! I don't even have themes picked out for each week. And really, that is probably the hardest part - finding a theme, then finding something to make that that theme work. And I understand why the theme is there - to make projects seem connected somehow - but darn it, it is throwing a wrench into things LOL! I have started a list though so at least that's a start?

Coming up soon I should have quite a few photos to show you - the peapod sweater (and hat!) are done, the bunny hat, I made some (very) simple leg warmers for my sister and will be starting on a sweater for myself.

I also finished one great read, almost finished another great read and want to talk about both here.

However, Wednesday morning I will be at the Oprah Show! Woo-hoo! =) I'm actually hoping I'll be visible because at one point I will be on the stage, but it will be with 100 other people and so I can see how I might get lost in the crowd. And no, I have no idea what I will wear yet. But if you do watch her show, well then, you can look for me LOL!


  1. I did it. I signed up. Are you proud? LOL. Maybe we can help each other along...

  2. THAT IS SO EXCITING!!! Do post and tell us what you wore so we know how to look for you!

  3. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Good luck at the Oprah show!


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