Friday, January 04, 2008

3 Days ....

and I'm doing pretty good with this whole no sugar thing.
Although as I type this, an Oreo cookie sitting next to me, just asking to be eaten by me. And I'm not gonna lie - I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to eat it.
And maybe I will, because really it's one little cookie. I just have to make sure one little cookie doesn't turn into a whole bag.
I was told today that it will take about 7 days for the cravings to stop. So I'm almost half-way there. Which is so good. Because last night again, I woke up with a huge horrible head ache. And of course, all these freaking cravings all day long. Because I really really miss eating a whole lot of things.
And frankly and honestly, I have NO changes yet. I know, it's been 3 days, right? So what was I expecting. I don't know really, but I was hoping for at least some extra burst of energy. Hopefully that will come. I hope I will feel something for the better soon because I really need more motivation to stay on it.

Aside from that, not much going on here. I feel drained, tapped out and completely exhausted from all the Christmas rush. I need a break from all things. I don't even want to walk into my craft room right now. So not a lot of crafting, creating, or anything of that sort going on. I think I spent most of today thinking about all sorts of foods I would like to eat but am refraining from eating.

I know, this doesn't make the best blogging content. But truly, and honestly, food is about all I can think about right now! I'm sure some other people out there are dieting/eating healthy for the new year, so please, please, I hope someone lets me know that I'm not the only person thinking about food these days! LOL


  1. It is so hard to cut sugar out, we did that two years ago and it worked GREAT until I got pregnant then I found myself licking the wrappers at HEB. I then got addicted again, and gained a shameful amount of weight as well as hubby, we have vowed to re-start this again. We can be accountability partners!

  2. How's it going with no sugar? I'd like to do that again -- I did it for a while and enjoyed it. But then I got pregnant and bam!


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