Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Resolutions ...

I'm not one to make new year's resolutions. Or, I guess I should say I'm pretty good at making them and then not actually doing anything about it.
But last year, I decided to read 52 books .. and I did it! Fueled by accomplishing one goal, it made sense to make some more goals for this year. And luckily for me, over at The Motherhood, Becki started a conversation just about this thing! She posted to all of us
Let’s do something we can look back on in a year (or more) and see how our predictions for 2008 stack up and whether our wishes come true. Complete these statements (I will too):
1. The skill I most want to acquire/improve in 2008 is…
2. The habit I most want to give up in 2008 is…
3. The biggest change in my life in 2008 will be…

And so I responded
1. I want to improve my organization skills and improve how healthy I am
2. I want to give up (okay not give up but decrease greatly) the amount of sugar I consume.
3. The biggest change will probably be that I will need to get a job. Honestly, I am completely dreading it and praying it won’t be half as bad as I fear.
And seeing how we are two days into the new year, it would seem I have made a bit of dent into these goals.
Both yesterday and today I have consumed very little sugar compared to my norm. Which is both good and bad.

Good, because I was consuming way too much sugar. I think that my body is over-run with yeast which is probably out of control because of sugar. Of course I'm only guessing this because of the high amount of yeast infections I've had lately. Regardless, too much sugar.

I'll let you guess just how fun yesterday was. First of all, I LOVE sugar. Second of all I LOVE breads, crackers, etc. I would totally happy with bread and butter for dinner most nights, with candy/chocolate/etc for dessert! Both of which I am currently avoiding. I was not happy yesterday. There were SO many foods I wanted to eat. I will admit, I opened up a bag of candy without even thinking of it. But still, even with that, I still had a LOT less sugar than normal. I woke up last night with a killer headache. As in I wanted to just rip off my head and go back to sleep headache.

But I survived. I woke up feeling slightly better, but sad that I was going to skip my favorite breakfast of toast, butter and peanut butter. And so I ate oatmeal - plain mind you because I don't want sugar at all). And suffered through the rest of my day without any sugar today. I am pretty much eating the same diet as my daughter, but much much more strict on all sugar/sweet things.

I promise to complain endlessly about all of this. I promise to whine about all the foods I will refrain from. I can already feel another headache coming on. But I also hope that in a few weeks I will be feeling better and happy about these changes.

I will also admit to letting myself have one thing each day - one can of coca-cola each day. Because, and even my husband agrees with me, I really have no other vice aside from that. I don't drink coffee, not a fan of tea, I don't suck down other juice or cola, I don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, and am cutting out all other sugar from my diet (although I think that will be a temporary move. I think after a few weeks when the cravings subside I will again eat bread - just not as much!). And so, we both agreed that I needed one thing to keep. One thing that I can have. I hope it is the one thing that will keep me going each day. I can give up the bread, the sugar, the sweets, the rest of it, but I get to keep one little can of pop (of course, I have not normally only restricted myself to one can before so one can is still a cutback!).

I have not yet drank my can for today. But if I am going to drink it, I want to do it soon because I also think this will help my inability to sleep these days. Although I've read it takes a while for caffeine to leave the system, so I'm probably still full of it! LOL!

(as a little aside here, I am not making diet modifications in order to lose weight. But secretly, if that would happen, well, I wouldn't be upset and it would help it seem even more worth it. But really, I jsut want to feel better because I haven't felt all that great lately - just run-down, tired, and achey all over. But we can't figure out why because there isn't a medical reason for it all ... so I'm hoping it's diet related!)

In other new year news - I have searched a few places I think I might actually enjoy working at for job openings. Nothing so far. The places I have looked at so far don't have any current openings. According to my husband, now is a bad time to look and I should wait a month and then start. But, I think I will stalk a few places and cross my fingers that something will open up? I can hope anyway!

For now, I will plug on. I might even do some crafting to kill these urges to just eat the whole loaf of bread or to raid the candy drawer. We'll see what happens!


  1. Good luck with your resolutions and your job search! I posted about mine (resolutions, not job search... I'm enjoying my maternity leave too much!!) today too!

    And I just have to tell you that I had to do a doubletake when I read this sentence: "Both yesterday and today I have consumed very little sugar compared to my norm." Because I thought it said "compared to my mom." I couldn't figure out why you were measuring your sugar intake compared to your mom's. LOL

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    Good luck to you, and I know that you can do it.


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