Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shopping ....

If you happen to like Jane cosmetics, then go read this to find out how you can get some of them for free or almost free. I read it and got about 54 dollars worth of make-up for about 5. I'm very excited about that and tried some of it out tonight. Truthfully, I'm not too fond of the lipstick colors I picked out, so I have printed up some more coupons and will be returning to try again - and pick up some more items (since I like how it feels, I will buy a few more eye shadow colors and stuff like that).

Also, when I shopped today, I brought my own shopping bags (the ones I recently bought from target because they were ultra-cute) and the cashier actually gave me a really nice compliment on bringing my own bags and asked where I got them because she might want a couple too. So I told her I got them at target and I showed her how they folded up and zippered into a small size (which is why I bought them honestly. For instance today I threw two in my purse and pulled them out when we checked out). I do not always get warm reception when I use my own bags. I think it's harder for the cashiers at most places because the bagging areas is set up to hold their bags much easier. (Interestingly enough even one cashier at Target was visibly annoyed with me for using them which cracks me up, since that's where I bought them from!) The only other cashier that excited to see them was when I originally bought some of them - the clerk asked if I wanted to use them that day and seemed quite excited when I said yes! LOL

Anyway, it is sort of weird to bring your own bags, but it's also pretty neat to bring my own bags into stores when I shop. And it's nice to get cashiers who don't seem annoyed by it because I feel like I am doing something good, and I don't want them to rain on that goodness.

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  1. In some countries you have to provide you own bags regardless. They don't offer bags. You would fit right in!!!


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