Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good and bad ....

Good: I saw this recently:

And, it does indeed look very fun. So much in fact, I'm going to sign up for it. I'm also dragging my two darling daughters in on the fun. No, I"m not really dragging them ... I'm teasing. They are both very excited about it. So all three of us will be creating something new every day for the month of February.

From their website:
For 29 days starting on February 1st, participants are invited to create one thing every day and post it on the blog.
Knit, cook, draw, paint, tape, write, install, destroy, invent, document.
Choose your media.
Commit half an hour a day.
And experience the most exiting creative challenge you’ll face all year.
Sign-up is open to anyone and starts on January 21st right here at
Attention: Deadline to commit to the sprint is January 31st at midnight.
Thing-a-day for newbies
  • Thing-a-day a month long online event where people take on the challenge to create one new thing every day for a month and post their work on this blog. It’s also a place to exchange thoughts, ideas and comments on the nature of this creative process.
  • Anyone can participate and no one will bug you if you don’t post every day. You’re free to sign up, you’re free to give up and you’re free to succeed.
  • No rewards or prizes but the pleasure of knowing you’ll have made 29 bran new things by the end of February –and a few new friends (or fans) if you’re lucky.
  • Daily creations can be in any medium. The suggested time for creating a thing is around 30 minutes so most people will post sketches, drawings or exercises rather than actual finished pieces.

We are trying to brainstorm things to do, only because the girls are so afraid that they won't think of enough things to do (which is so funny because they have been drawing and creating every day for the last two weeks and I see no sign of them slowing down at all LOL). I briefly mentioned ATC's to them and they went nuts with the idea. One dd promptly cut up pieces into small squares (not really knowing the dimensions of an actual ATC, just knowing that they were small). And went to town decorating all of them. So I have a feeling that there will be lots of ATC's coming up and I promised to show them a bunch of samples (and I'm crossing my fingers the library has some ATC books that we can look at!).

So there is something very fun to look forward to. I also ordered yarn today to make a sweater for me (finally! Something for me hooray!) and to make my sister her birthday present.

Bad news: The cold I thought had left me yesterday returned to me today. This is now the second time it has "left and returned" I am so very sick of this cold. I have no had it for about 9 days. Seriously, it is really starting to tick me off. I want it gone.

Anyway, that is all for today.

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  1. What an interesting idea. I will have to give this some thought. (as if I needed one more challenge to pile on the list...but oh well)


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