Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blah, blah, blah ...

So yesterday, taking advantage of the above average temperatures, we headed downtown to the Lincoln Park Zoo.
We had fun there. We enjoyed our time at the zoo very much. I began knitting on the Pea Pod Sweater. Life was going along pretty well.
And then WHAM! Yesterday evening I got hit with maybe the flu? I don't know, but it wasn't fun at all. Achey muscles, soar throat, feeling exhausted to the core. So I climbed in bed, we moved a TV into view, I grabbed some movies and just vegged. And pretty much, aside from meals and going to the bathroom, in bed is where I have been.
On a side note, we only own the first two Lord of the Ring movies and we really need to buy the third. I watched the first two and was so upset to not have the third one to finish it up with.
Tonight I am feeling better, which is good since dh has to go to work tomorrow and I will have to be up and about.

In other news, I started to read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I'm not very far into the book, but so far I am hooked on it. I need to hurry up and finish my knitting so that I can really devote more time to the book! I've also discovered the Sir Cumference series of books. Okay, I'm probably way more excited about them then the children. Dh read them one of the books today and I think it went a bit over their heads, so I want to reread it, but have some hands on items for them to look at to get the concepts better (which is how we should have done it to begin with, but alas, we live and learn).
Tomorrow, we will pick up the first 4 books of The Spiderwick Chronicles from the library and I can't wait to get my hands on them! The kids are pretty anxious about it as well! And my 8 year old just finished a Nancy Drew book (she LOVES Nancy Drew). We are also cooking up an idea about books and stuff, so if we can pull it off, I will be sharing soon! =)

Okay, now I'm off to veg out again for a little bit. Hope everyone else had a great weekend and has some great plans for the upcoming week.

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  1. That is exactly how I felt last week! It is terrible. This past Monday we watched our neighbors daughter they had informed us she had a "light" cough...yeah right baby has a terrible deep cough so does my oldest, and I am coming down with it as well. Light coughs make me laugh.

    I hope you are feeling much better!


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