Friday, January 25, 2008

Nothing like ...

needing a present for a baby shower to get you to rediscover your love of knitting!
The Peapod sweater and hat are both finished. The bunny hat is almost finished (the ears just need to be attached to the hat). And now, all of a sudden, I can't get enough knitting in it seems.

Today yarn arrived for 2 more projects. I have a blanket on needles waiting to be finished and I am eying patterns trying to decide which one should come after the other projects are finished. This is a good thing I think. After rushing all the holiday things, I really didn't want to do anything crafty at all. And now, now I've re-fallen in love with knitting. I am exploring with drawing. Who knows what I'll crank out for the Thing-A-Day challenge in February - which I might add is only 6 days away from starting and I need a plan! And I need themes ... we are supposed to have weekly themes. I've never really worked with themes before so this shall be interesting. There are some projects I want to work on and so I need to figure out some themes and how I can incorporate those projects into my themes. It will be SO fun to plan it all and even more fun if I can pull it all off somehow! =)

Anyway, maybe tomorrow I'll snap some pictures of the peapod set and finish up the bunny hat. Which will be odd because the shower is 2 weeks away and generally I am up late the night before trying to finish the gift up. I kind of like this method a whole lot better (which really means I need to start planning for Christmas right now so I am not rushing around in December later this year (and since I don't even plan to be at home this upcoming December, it would be a very wise idea to have everything ready and waiting in advance!)

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  1. Oh goodness...I was being tempted to join that February thingie...but if I need themes. Hmmm...that throws a damper on my planning. Hmmm...what can I come up with...28 days in February???? 28 things...


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