Friday, October 19, 2007


Last night I finally finished one sock. I still need to start and finish the second, but I'm glad it's done. I love the sock. It's gorgeous. I want to wear it ROFL!
I have to say though, I found a few things in the pattern that I would rewrite if I could. BUT seeing as I've never designed a pattern, had to write it up, nor wonder if other people could understand things as I understand them, I truly have very little to judge here LOL!

Also, I am in the middle of freezing a LOT of corn. I started with a little over 8 dozen ears (although quit a few have not been edible and been tossed straight to the garbage. I have 60 ears right now ready and waiting to be blanched, but I ran out of ice. I have already taken care of about 15-20 ears, so that leaves me with a fair amount of corn to put in my freezer LOL! However, the corn will be shared with (at least) 2 other people. I am also trying to get my hands on another 5 dozen ears (knowing that again, some will have to be tossed).

I have to say, I know I will enjoy eating the corn at a later date. And I certainly will enjoy not having to pay for corn (because we were blessed and given all this corn) but it gets really boring to boil about 7 ears at a time, then cool them, then cut all the kernels off, then freeze them on a cookie sheet (so that they don't freeze in one big chunk), then put them in the final freezing bag. Very repetitive and well, I keep eying that second sock I should be knitting because it looks a lot more fun than the corn is ROFL! But that's okay. A little hard work never killed anyone, and certainly won't kill me either ;-)


  1. My in-laws live where some of the best corn is grown, we alwasy try to snag some while we are there I learned with your help what to do with all of it!

    Do you ever make corn chowder? I also have a recipe for a corn salad that is pretty snazzy too.

  2. Ah, fresh corn. Memories. Hope you enjoy it when it's freezing!


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