Monday, October 15, 2007

Book Update!

I (finally) picked the winner for my book giveaway today. Well, actually I let my 22 month old pick the winner as an attempt to get him to forget the temper tantrum he was throwing because I ::gasp:: turned off Thomas. Which, in his world, is a capitol offense punishable by endless crying, whining, and screaming.

Anyway, the winner is Lesha! Congrats =)

And thanks to everyone else who entered. I have two more books I am planning on giving away, but I'm not sure when.

But, speaking of give aways, have y'all heard about the Fall Y'all Bloggy Giveaway?

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Seriously, if this is anything like the Dog Days of Summer Giveaway, it will be HUGE!

I am undecided about what I will be giving away for this round, or if I'll be giving anything away at all this time. We'll see. Life is hectic. October is worse than normal for dh and I. We'll see. I have lots of things that are used that I could give away (no really, I could probably give away something once a day for a year) but I'm not sure if "used" is okay!

Anyway, if you have a blog and want to participate, start brainstorming on what you can do! =)

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  1. I won stuff last go round, and it was all used.....gently but used


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