Sunday, October 07, 2007

Etsy Goals ...

Christina Perdue is hosting a 30 Days to a Better Shop. So I'm joining in (albeit a bit late). We'll see how it goes.
Day 1 is to make some goals for my etsy store.
October Goals:
1. Make 2 sales
2. Get up to 30 hearts
3. List 10 new items
4. Pass out 20 business cards
5. Spam my family members and get them to promote me for free (ha! ha!)

Long-Term Goals:
1. Get regular sales by December or close up shop
2. Expand into more knit items
3. Team up with some other sellers

So, we'll see how it goes and if I can start crossing off things from my list.


  1. Setting goals is a great idea! I think that sometimes it can be harder to maintain a virtual space. You can't really see or touch it so it is easy to think that it takes care of itself. Good for you for doing the work!

  2. Very good idea! Goals are not something I am very familiar with setting.
    You could also promote it with a give away on someone else's blog, like Rocks in my dryer. Her readership is huge and she loves helping mom stores.

    And I would do it, to, of course, lol. But not until November.


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