Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sleep ...

People! I have managed to get some sleep finally! You can not even begin to understand how happy this makes me. It was very needed and oh so loved.
Granted, I needed a bit of help getting it (and I found it in a pill packed with melatonin and passionflower, but at this point, I almost don't care how I got sleep, just that I got it.

And I needed sleep ... because Monday starts the
Fall Y'all Giveaway and I am getting ready to give a few things away here, help set up give aways at EtsyMom blog AND of course, enter give aways to my little hearts delight LOL! =)

So, you'll see why getting sleep now will be oh so important in the near future.

Also, I need some advice for anyone who knows about Babywearing a child who is a toddler and not a baby ... what is the best way to do it? He'll be 2 in December and I want to be comfortable and I want him to be comfortable. I'm thinking something on the back is the way to go, but I don't know. I used a sling for my oldest until she was a year (and then she was over 30 pounds and we couldn't find anything that could hold her weight) and I do occasionally sling him as well - we have a nojo sling, but it's either stretched out or just not working for him because it's too loose and he flops around and it doesn't feel safe, so we don't do it often.
Thanks in advance! =)

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