Thursday, October 25, 2007

So tired ...

One might think that the more tired you become, the easier it is to fall asleep. My body, apparently, didn't get this memo and sleep has been extremely difficult to find for the last few weeks.
A couple days ago my dh was lamenting this fact with me and admitted he is nervous about me driving around with the lack of sleep I've been getting lately. I promised him that I never get in the car if I don't trust myself to drive and that if I got so exhausted that I didn't think I could drive, he would be the first to know.
This morning I called him at work and let him know that I was too exhausted to trust myself to drive today. Which normally would be fine, but tonight it's my turn to carpool my kids and one additional to Awana. And I keep thinking, with my luck, driving home at 8:30 at night, when it's dark out is the time I will just fall asleep. And that thought makes me very worried. Ugh.
Tonight though, I am praying tonight I will fall asleep without any issues and actually get a full night's rest under my belt.
I guess sleep is one of those things you don't think about until you aren't getting any. And right now I'm not getting hardly any. And it is really wearing me out.
Anyway, probably until I can get sleep and have some coherent thoughts to type out, I'll be mia for a few days. Because I'm just too tired to think anymore.

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