Monday, October 29, 2007

Must Love Dogs!n And Contest!

I have finished my First Fall Into Reading Book.
I read Must Love Dogs.,204,203,200_PIsitb-dp-500-arrow,TopRight,45,-64_OU01_AA240_SH20_.jpg

Honestly, it wasn't what I expected (because I saw the movie first) and I actually thought that the movie was better than the book. I was slightly disappointed in the book, and honestly wanted to ditch it halfway through.

Things like this always make me wonder how would I have felt if I read the book first and then viewed the movie? Generally I think I like the one I did first the best. Although the movie felt like it had a happily ever after ending and I liked the main character better in the movie. The book, well, the ending just felt unfinished ... like something was missing.

Now, with all that said, if you are curious about this book yourself, leave me a comment by October 29. I will send this book along to a random commenter! Because someone else might enjoy the book more than I did. And because I have no desire to let it sit around and collect dust in my house!


  1. DrakeNStarrsmom4:43 PM

    Oh I haven't seen that movie, but I wanted to...I LOVE John Cusak!! :)

  2. I would love to check this out!

  3. I generally love the books more, regardless what order I view/read them, but I wonder now. LOL I did love the movie, though.

  4. I saw the movie and thought it was just okay. I'd love to read the book (didn't even know there was one!)

  5. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Well never having seen the movie, I might enjoy the book, please count me in.

  6. Love the movie, would LOVE to have the book!

  7. Just a response to your response on my post about the pumpkin farms. I like Dollinger Family farm the best but also Kuiper's, Johanssen farm, and there's another one but I forget the name...

    Why do you ask?

  8. I can never read a book after I've seen the movie.

  9. Anonymous10:28 PM

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