Thursday, October 04, 2007

Randomness ..

Earth Chick Knits is having a contest about inspiring creativity in children ... she is giving away 2 fabulous gifts (yarn and a book), however, go read the answers! They are fabulous and I agree with all the ones that I've read so far!

Second, I put something up on my Etsy shop - a crayon cozy - because I took a poll here and a couple of you said you would consider buying it. So it's up, and if you like it, buy it! And if you leave a comment here and order it from me, I'll even knock off 1.00 because I LOVE my blog readers! And let's pretend it flies off the shelf quickly (so to speak), let me know ... I can whip up another one just for you!

Thirdly, I made a light box tonight!

We'll see if it can help my pictures look better. Dh says they look pretty good in it - of course, I'm not anywhere near professional (I'm not sure I count as amateur even) so they won't miraculously get good overnight, but I think it will help a bit anyway! =)

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  1. Okay I probably should know what a light box is.....but could you inform me (I know shame shame that I dont know!)


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