Thursday, December 28, 2006


is for my younger days ...

These are all me - from random points in life ...
Starting at 2, moving to around 4ish maybe, then to 5 or 6 (the white dress is one of my favorites!), then off to jr. high - maybe 8th grade?, then on my 16th birthday, New Year's Eve in 97 (so Dec. 31, 1997), my wedding in June of 99, the birth of my first dd in Oct. 99, then college graduation May 03!
I admit these are all photos of photos so the quality might not be the best. But I have to say, it was fun to go through the photos and pull some out! The pictures of me from birth to the start of college fill up roughly one album, and then there is an explosion of pictures! It seemed once I started taking the pictures, there were a ton of them!
Maybe that's why I photograph my children so much ... I have so very few of me, especially really little - I think I have about 20 pictures total of me from newborn to age 5? Pictures were just few and far between then ... now with the digital age, I can take too many! Now watch, my kids will be so sick of pictures that when they have children, they'll take the fewest amount possible LOL!

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