Wednesday, December 13, 2006

18: Picking out the Tree

This is a big deal to us ... each holiday season, we bundle up, go to my parent's farm and get a tree from them. We walk the lot and decide which will be our tree for the year.
In year's past, I have mostly picked the tree. This year however, dh and the girls picked it.
I like it, they like it, we're all happy and we got some warm apple cider to drink!

This year my dad's business is picking up, which is good. For the last several years his business has been steadily dropping as more people switch to fake trees. Of course, we would never ever have a fake tree - aside from the really little one we put on the dresser of the kids room - because then my dad might disown us. But even if he wasn't the tree seller, I'd still have a real tree any day. Yes, I have to water it and vacuum the needles each day - but it smells so good, and looks lovely and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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