Sunday, December 03, 2006

Not much knitting ...

Aside from some knitting Friday, the day in which we stayed home due to the snowstorm, I have not been knitting a lot lately. I suppose this is an issue since I still have to knit several Christmas presents, but for the moment that is neither here nor there - I will make up the time now that babyboy seems to be on a semi-regular sleep schedule and I can get an hour - an entire hour - without any distractions prior to 1 am -
But I have not been knitting as dh and I have been house hunting.
I don't know how this will end. I of course have my dream house, but my budget is slightly lower than my dream house costs - okay, my budget is about a third of what my dream house costs, but I like to kid myself into thinking I could at least buy half of it.
One of the houses I don't particularly want, but dh likes, he tried to bribe me into - the sub-basement is unfinished. He said "We could finish it in a few years, and you know, make it a craft room for you."
Now, I don't really think it will happen - when a few years comes and we go to refinish it, we will probably be turning it into an office or a place for the kids to go hang out with their friends, or about 2 million other uses.
But if we do end up buying that house, before I agree, I'm getting his statement in writing. And I'm saving it. And when he goes to theoretically finish it one day, I'm pulling out that piece of paper!

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  1. Ooh, exciting, good luck! And yes, definitely get that in writing.


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