Monday, December 25, 2006

11: Pajamas!

Every year on Christmas Eve the girls are allowed to open one package from mom and dad - it's always a pair of pajamas!
The funny thing happens to be that neither of them has figured out that each year they open up pajamas! So they are always so excited to see them!

I love it ... it's something my mom did when I was growing up and now I am doing it for my kiddos (and FTR, we have a pair for babyboy, he just happened to fall asleep on the way home nad is now peacefully sleeping in his regular clothes!)

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  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Hi Brandie... Received your Christmas card---it got forwarded from our old address. We moved from Woodridge to Bolingbrook in July. Anyway, I LOVE reading your blogs and visiting your site to hear about your projects and see pictures of the family. I wanted to comment on this one because my aunt always got my brother, sister, and I PJ's on Christmas Eve and my mom bought them for my cousins. I LOVE carrying on this tradition of picking out and giving PJ's to my nephews on Christmas Eve. I'm sure when Jerry and I have children my sister will do the same! :) Hope all is well!


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