Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well ...

(for the second time this week I start with well ... )
So ... Jeffrey it is.
Very interesting. Very interesting.

I have to say, after the final runway, I really didn't have a clear desire for any of the 4 to win.
Michael, did dissapoint. The first pieces all being white kind of threw me too. My dh said it was done for a reason he was sure, but he didn't know the reason. However, he didn't see why I didn't like the white first and the colors later ... maybe the woman finding herself was starting as a blank slate? Then moving to that wild print at the end?
Laura, felt like the same old, same old walking down the runway. Now, I have to say, I do like what she does, but yet, it does seem like it's the same thing over and over. One of her dresses (with minor changes) I even told dh I would like to wear - he said that he thought it wouldn't wear well on me though.
Uli, well, I like what she does honestly. A few of her pieces I wasn't so sure of ... but most of them I think look great. However, they would not look great on me.
[Note: I don't believe most clothes look great on me, but a lot of the front's of Uli's outfits look even worse on me than other things, but mostly because I'm VERY self-conscious about my chest area, and her clothes tend to show it off I think!]
Jeffrey, well I thought Jeffrey was Jeffrey. I likes some of what he showed, some things I think what in the world is this guy thinking?!

I guess what it boils down to, is that tonight I hardly saw anything coming down the runway that I would wear in public or that I saw things I thought would particularly flatter me. Which, I suppose, seeing as I'm not thin, tall, with a small (but proportionate) chest area, means that most things on the runway I can't see myself wearing. Which takes some of the fun out of it for me.

I agree that all four of these contestants have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry ... I hope they all succeed at following this dream and that the publicity from PR serves them well. And to Jeffrey, I say, congratulations! Enjoy winning and, please, oh please, stop trashing the other contestants ;-)

And on that note ... I'm off to create my own Runway Creation aka Halloween Costume for my dd! LOL!

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