Monday, October 30, 2006

interesting to me ....

So today, I would like to compile all the wonderful things that I have found on-line that I would like to someday make! =)
This, I have to say, is one of the reasons I love the internet and reading blogs ... all these ideas that I can get from other people! So many creative people out there, full of great ideas, and it inspires me to want to be creative as well!!!
Anyway, here is my list, along with where I saw the idea ... if nothing else, go visit some of these other blogs - they are all fun to read!

1. From Rhubarb Patch:
Pillow Cases

2. From All This By Hand:
Birthday goodies
Monkey Quilt

3. From Craft Magazine:
Artic Lace
Pattern Row Counter

4. From Chef Messy:

5. From Step Into My Thimble:
Dear Jane
Ballet Wrap Sweater

6. From Treefall :

7. From KnitFlix:
A Step Above

8. From Stephanie's Crafting Obsession:
Feather and Fan

9. From Grumperina Goes to Local Yarnshops and Home Depot:
Top-Down Seamless Raglan Sweater
Cable Twist Socks
Silk Alpaca Ruffle Scarf
Votive Holders

10. From Knittymommy :
The Baby Heirloom Shawl
Manly Dishcloths

11. From The Whole Ball(s) of Yarn:
Argyle Sweater
All in One sleeping Bag

12. From Wool Windings:
Preemie Project Items
More Preemie Project Items
In Memory Preemie Project
Preemie Project Hat
Baby Kimono
Pumpkin Patch

13.From From Knitting Sunshine:
I Wanna Fly
Royal baby
Too Cute
Backyard Leaves

14. From Pink Lemon Twist:
Melanie's Twist

15. From Sil's KnitBlog:
Simply Red Cardi

16. From Wool is Wonderful:
Little Hooded Sweater
Little Lambs Blanket

17. From The Blue Blog:
The Color Purple

18. From A Digital Yarn:

19. From Knot In My Thread:
Ribbon Edge Cardigan

20. From Lolly Girl:

21. From Tales of a Keyboard Biologists:
Unchained Melody

It seems the more I read, the more I want to do ... someday if I can accomplish just one or two of these things Ill be pretty satisfied =)

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  1. What a great list! Thanks for the inspiration.


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