Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not enough time ...

to do all the wonderful things I would like to!
I have been slowly, but surely, working on Halloween costumes ...
My oldest's costume is cut out and pieced together. It needs to be hemmed and needs to have the trim, button, and clasp put on it.
After I send this out, I will cut out the pieces for my middle dd's costume ... at least I hope so =) If I can just get those pieces cut out - I'll feel a lot better. The sewing I can slowly do during this week.
If it comes down to it, I can bring both costumes on the road this weekend and hand sew the trim on - and I can hand sew the hem if needed be. The trim I think I'll do by hand no matter what, but I prefer to machine sew the hem.
We'll see what happens ... my 4g I think needs to have some sort of cover for her costume. I'm pretty sure that I have some pink fleece somewhere in a box. So I might cut out a cape/hood type thing for her to also wear. I'll have enough trim that I use on her costume I think to line the edges of that as well - I'm afraid that it will be too cold for even that to be enough for her, but we'll see what happens.
I just hope and pray that I finish these and preferably by the time I leave Friday ... I think we have at least 3 halloween parties on the slate - 2 other weekly activities to wear costumes too AND of course actual trick or treating!
Better sign off and get working now! ;-)
Everyone cross your fingers that I have pictures to show this week!

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