Sunday, October 08, 2006

Finished ....

The entire outfit ... it is very long IMO, but it's what the pattern said. I hope I get to see the baby in it, or a picture because I want to see how it looks on ... if it looks like it's 4 inches or so too long!

a close-up of the top ...

Project Specs ...
Pattern: from Vogue Knitting on the Go: Baby Gifts
Yarn: Carons Simply Soft
Time spent: 6 weeks I think (too lazy to go back and check)
What I learned ...
Okay, the back piece was not fun to knit, but a little after I started the front piece, I was finally able to connect with the pattern. Basically I learned to follow the pattern and didn't need to look at the directions after each row. I kind of followed the cables and that made it much easier to knit. I still don't like bobbles though LOL!! Also, my second object that required piecing. I am beginning to feel comfortable with piecing now too ... I still need to do it a few more times, but it was not as nerve racking as with the ballet sweater.

I'm glad I made it. I like how it looks now that it is done. But I probably won't jump to make another one for a bit ... I need a break from the cables and bobbles LOL!

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