Thursday, October 26, 2006

Christmas ...

According to Organized Christmas there are 60 more days until Christmas.
How in the world did that happen? Holy cow ... I have all these great gifts I want to make, but with only 60 more days to go? I think I will have to pick a special few to make and go from there honestly. There are 2 aprons I want to make, 2 sweaters I want to knit, some embroidered towels and I was hoping for a table runner or two to quilt. That's a lot to accomplish in 60 days, unless of course I hire a full-time live in sitter and simply work on crafts all day!
I suppose I will simply have to have back-up plans for some of these ideas and hope to accomplish as much as possible without losing my mind.
And the lesson to be learned ... start working on Christmas presents much earlier next year ... like maybe around the time there are, oh, 360 days until Christmas? (which actually I have a pretty big quilting gift I would like to make for someone and I think I will have to start right after this Christmas to get it done!)

So, the plans for the weekend are shopping, swatching and searching for the right patterns! And I need to finish up sweater for my oldest dd and a baby shower gift! So for the next 60 days you can find me knitting, sewing, and embroidering pretty much every single day!

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  1. Gosh, the costumes turned out beautifully so I have no doubt your gift-list recipients will be delighted!
    60 days -- how is that possible???


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