Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel ...

I am almost finished with 2 very lovely Halloween costumes.
I still have some finishing touches to add - some details that shouldn't take much time at all.
Aside from that, they are done. They are actually wearable right now - but the missing details will make an okay costume a great costume!
But, you are thinking, there are no pictures ... nope. Someone borrowed my memory card reader and hence I have no ability to get the pictures off of my camera.
Darn it. I'm bummed! I really want to share pictures!

And I want to be done with these Halloween costumes! I'm tired of them - they turned out to be much more complicated to do than I originally thought they would be. But most of all, I'm anxious to get some knitting done! Knitting, you know that thing I used to do? I have several sweaters I want to start, a blanket to do, some booties to do. And not only that, but I have other sewing projects I want to make and put together.

I am excited to move onto other things. And I hope soon I will have some pictures to show you and some new projects to start!

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