Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Now what ...

What to do now? I have a million things I want to do ...
I started a new blanket but after only 2 inches into it, I'm not feeling it. I think I might just frog what I have and start over with a different pattern. It's supposed to be a present for an expecting friend, so I want to make her something, but I'm thinking this blanket is not the one to go with.
I still have a sweater to complete for my other dd, I have a pattern for my son that I would like to make and if I had time to sift through patterns, I could easily find a million and one other things that interested me.
Aside from knitting, I have 2 halloween costumes to make (probably I should be doing that pretty darn soon), the placemats to finish, and I need to decide what, if anything to make for christmas and then maybe start those projects as well - and if I'm lucky, finish them as well! LOL!
Too much to do and not enough time in the day and sleep is too precious to give up right now for craft items LOL!

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