Thursday, October 12, 2006

Project Runway ...

Okay, I have mostly liked Laura ... yeah, she isn't perfect. I think 98% of what she made on the show was the same dress in different fabric ... but overall, she seems pretty, you know, okay overall.
But seriously last night I just wanted to jump through the TV and ask was she really taht jealous? I have no proof. It's just a gut feeling. A feeling because all of Jeffrey's work was done and finished?
Granted, we can't see up close the detail she feels is uncharacteristic for him ... but at the same time, shouldn't all of them have a bit better craftsmanship right now than when they only had 12-24 hours to complete an outift, when they've had more time to work on it?
And Uli and Michael, despite Michael saying he was thinking the same thing as Laura said it the first time, I don't buy it ... I think they didn't think anything of it, and then Laura talked and Michael agreed quickly, Uli resisted at first, looking at the work, saying it was not perfect, and then she changed her mind like that.

Now, I understand it is a competition and Laura is there to win ... but do you think if anyone else had walked in with that collection completely finished, she would have said anything? Well, I will tell you, I don't think so at all. But I wasn't there and can only see what they show us in those short 45 minutes ....

I also think that if she really thought that he cheated, she should have gone to Tim, talked to him, and see what happened. I will say, I'm glad she told Jeff up front she did say something to Tim, but I think by going to the others first she made it a circus, a spectacle, etc, etc.

So of course after all that and the previews for next week, I wondered would Jeffrey be eliminated? I have come to the conclusion he must not have been. Afterall, Tim has a video of the tent before the runway show, and he says in it, there are 48 models and I think there is a shot where they show Jeffrey - so, I'm assuming based on that, Jeffrey remains in it ....
But we will not know for sure until next week. I will be anxiously awaiting what happens ... and probably it's pretty sad that 1) I know all of this 2)I've thoguth so much about it and 3) I'm looking forward to next week so much! LOL!

Oh well, but I have to have fun, and this is my fun right now =)

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