Monday, July 02, 2012

A lovely celebration

My family with cake
What feels like forever ago, but was really just over a month ago, my husband and I threw a big party.

Husband and I on giant slide
coming down the giant slide
I started planning this party last July. That's right.  In the midst of chemo, when I wasn't feeling well, I asked my husband "Can we throw a big birthday party for me next year?" My wonderful husband, what could he really say except of course. And so, on days when I wasn't feeling well I'd talk about the party. And we have to have a cake. And where will we get the food from? And music, there has to be music! Because there were moments where I just needed the distraction. And there were moments where I needed something to look forward to. It sounds silly, but it was more than a party. It was me saying "Eff you cancer. I have a future and I'm going to plan it. Even when I'm terrified that I might not have a future because you reared your ugly head in my life."

fabric bunting
fabric bunting I made
Time marched on and plans were made. Some back in January (that is when I originally started to compile the play list to use at the party). Some, the week before. Like the fabric bunting I decided I needed to make. All 160 feet of it. And the rides, which were planned a few days before the party (and were generously gifted to us). 

She came out from WA! How sweet =)
And the party? Was perfect. And lovely. I even had a friend come out here (to Chicago) all the way from Washington state! I had an amazing time ... husband and I both agreed that it was really a once-in-a-lifetime party for me. I feel blessed to have such an incredible celebration.

climbing rock climbing wall
Climbing a rock climbing wall
I don't know if you knew, but back in January (during a twitter talk) I said my words for this year were: heal, enjoy and celebrate. Those were going to be the words to guide me through 2012. Sometimes it has been so difficult to keep these words close to my heart, but this party seemed to be the perfect meeting point of all of these words.  

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  1. You deserve a big celebration! Looks like a lot of fun.


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