Monday, July 16, 2012

UFO Challenge

Alright. Today's the day. It's time to kick this UFO Challenge off!

So, I've been thinking about what I want to accomplish. And at first I had a pretty long list. But then I had to remind myself, it's only 7 weeks. And during that time I have kids activities, a county fair to help my 4-H'er get ready for, doctor's appointments, vacation and the whole the family wants to eat every day and have clean clothes. So, I kind of had to scale back.

Here are my goals for the 7 weeks:
* Finish photo project - I am scanning a lot of pictures in. I started, oh forever ago. This is top priority to finish.
* Spend at least 6 hours on the rock'n'roll quilt I started for daughter over a year ago
fabric pile
Some of the pieces for the quilt

* Spend at least 5 hours on needlepoint I started for my son
* Mend 5 items
* Finish placemats started something like 4 years ago

Pile of projects
Corner in my craft room that holds items needing to be mended and some UFO's (including placemats)
* Pick 3 items from my UFO box to finish (But I'm not sure which 3 yet)
Yes, I have a box, labeled and everything for UFO's for when I want them off my counter space!

* Speaking of my UFO Box, I need to go through and decide if there are any projects I don't want to ever finish, so that's on my list too.
* Finish 3 baby items I have started. That are so close, but just need to be finished! 

So, what's your plan for the next 7 weeks? Tell me in the comments, or link back to a blog post with the details! And, for those of you on twitter, feel free to use #UFOChallenge

Happy finishing crafting my friends!

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  1. I have a sweater I'm trying to complete before school starts again.


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