Monday, July 30, 2012

More on getting stronger

*This is a sponsored post, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are mine!

I mentioned before that I was taking some classes at The Dailey Method.
I've already talked about how it makes me feel stronger, which is something I'm craving for sure.

But the cool thing is that I walk out of class feeling taller. I get the same feeling when I do pilates. It's a nice feeling. I catch myself slumping during the day and pop back up.

But there is also a big emotional component to it for me. There is something that feels so good about being in these classes and being able to do them. Even when my legs are shaking so much I feel like I'm going to fall down (which I have to add, I believe it was Melisa who told me that's just my muscles saying hi. Apparently, I haven't chatted with them enough before LOL!)

I can't lie, cancer has left me feeling beaten and weak and like my body is broken (more on that coming soon - it's been on my mind a lot lately). I was just talking to another woman who went through breast cancer who is feeling the same way. We are often held up as "strong" and "heroes" and often people around (with the best of intentions) shower us with these compliments. But the truth is these compliments feel wrong to us because often we don't feel an ounce stronger. Some of us feel broken. We feel like our body has betrayed us. We feel like we are undeserving of compliments that so many want to shower us with.

And most of this is a broken spirit. Emotions that are left so raw.

Going to these classes is not only getting my body stronger, but it's helping on the emotional side of things too. There is something powerful about getting to the end, even when your muscles are shouting HI to you ;-)



Disclosure: I was given a one month membership to the studio in exchange for telling you about my experience. As always though, all opinions and thoughts are my own

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  1. I can so relate to this post! I just wrote about regaining stamina, but this week, I just got slammed with a kidney stone! Talk about feeling battered and bruised...

    Thanks for writing!

    Dianne Duffy


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