Friday, July 20, 2012

UFO: Week 1

So, the first week of the UFO Challenge has come to an end and I feel like I made a lot of great progress so far!

Stuffed Animal SnakeThree stuffed animals were repaired and returned to two very happy to have them back children. However, mr. snakey here developed a new tear in only a few minutes, which I fixed right away to save him from being stuck in the repair pile for another 2 years LOL! I want to mend a few more things next week and get those items out of the way. Truthfully, mending is my least favorite thing to do. And that's why I think the mending projects sit forever.

I also did some great work on the photo project. 90% of the photos were already scanned in (which was a lot of work in itself. I have one album left to finish. Last week I went through 8 albums worth of scanned photos and straightened/cropped them. I'm using a photo scanner, but it doesn't always pick up the photos properly and I don't always feed them straight. Next, I need to go through and label the photos with whatever was on the back of the original photo. Again, this will be my biggest focus until it's all done (hopefully within 2 weeks!)

And I was able to find time to work on my needlepoint project.
in progress needle point

 This is how it looked before I started working on it. At the end of the 7 weeks, I'm hoping to have a picture with a lot of progress shown! Although it did dawn on me, I'm not a fast needlepointer. And if I only do 5 hours of work, you probably won't see a huge difference, but hey, it's five hours more of work than I had before. I probably won't work on it for the next few weeks though. This is a project I can take with me on vacation (we'll have a lot of travel time) and so I need to focus on the ones that won't be so portable! But my son (whom I am making this for) is so happy to see me working on it. Who knows. It might be in his room by the end of the year if I can just stay motivated enough to finish it!

How did your week go? Did you make a lot of progress on your projects? Let me know!

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