Friday, July 27, 2012

UFO Update

Things this week went a little slowly. Okay, I take that back. This week was extra hectic with a lot to do, so progress on the UFOChallenge went very slow.

However, I fixed 2 pillows. For the first time in several years, my two couches now have all four pillows they came with. This has made all of us very happy and has eased the fighting over who gets the pillows LOL!

couch pillows

This means, I've officially finished one thing on the list (Mend five items). Although the pile is still pretty big, I'm happy with being able to cross that off the list. However, I hope I can keep this momentum up and maybe fix a few more things and maybe, just maybe get that particular pile gone!

I did some work on the photo project .... I think it will be finished soon and that makes me VERY happy. I've been working on this for an extremely long time - several, several years.

I also cleaned out my UFO box and got rid of a few projects I know I'll never go back and finish. That is a good feeling for sure. One less thing to carry around thinking about how I should-of finished.

pile of fabric

Even though I didn't finish much this week, I still feel like this challenge is exactly what I needed to get some things crossed off the list. And that feels wonderful!

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