Wednesday, July 25, 2012


On Saturday I headed downtown Chicago and attended BBSummit12.

This was no small feat since Friday night I was in tears telling my husband that I was just too tired and I didn't know how I'd even be able to survive {last week was a rough week and we've hit some small bumps with my health and the biggest side effect is lack of energy}. Every day last week (and this week not including Saturday) I've had to nap to just get through the day. But I really wanted to go, so we made some adjustments - I decided to take the train instead of driving. And figured in the worst case scenario, I would just leave early.

Thankfully, taking the train was the smartest decision I made. And I didn't have to leave early. I think the excitement of being there, around all those wonderful people kept me going. Because BBSummit12? Was, in a nutshell, Ah. Maze. Ing. Seriously. Some things need to be noted. A. It's my first blogging conference ever {I know I can't believe I haven't been to one yet either.} B. I know the organizers and they rock so I knew it would be fabulous. C. I knew I'd see a lot of friends there, which stems my social anxiety by a lot. {Yes, I get nervous going to groups and meeting new people, especially a lot all in the same day. And I forget how to have conversations when my anxiety creeps up, so I end up being one of those people where you are like "Hi! I'm Sarah! So nice to meet you. How are you?" And I'm all "Fine." I know, it's awesome and by awesome I mean not.}

Anyway, all of this rambling to say that I had an amazing time. I learned some wonderful things, walked away with some great tips, met some new people, didn't embarrass myself too bad, and will try to get back to it next year for sure. And oh, did I mention I won something? I did. A new motorola Xyboard tablet (thanks Verizon!).

But the best part for me, truly, was getting to meet so many of my favorite on-line friends face-to-face and to get to hug people (both old and new friends). Seriously. Don't get me wrong, the Hard Rock Hotel was awesome, the food was delicious, the speakers and panels were fabulous. But the hugs, were the best part. {Get ready, here's the sentimental part} Over the last year I have had so much incredible support. And so much of it has come from the internet - from twitter friends, from facebook, from blog readers. Many of these people I've never met face-to-face. They send notes of encouragement, virtual hugs, smiles over the good news. It is amazing. It's even more amazing to see these people face-to-face and give them a hug.

I didn't take enough pictures. Okay, so I hardly took any pictures at all, but here are just a couple:

Amy and Rita!
*Note, Rita is wearing a bathrobe ... read why here!

Jen and I

lahleyoo - Fabie de Silva Photography: #BBSUMMIT12 - Hard Rock Cafe Hotel (Chicago Downtown) &emdash;

Melisa, Tracey, Michelle and I

lahleyoo - Fabie de Silva Photography: #BBSUMMIT12 - Hard Rock Cafe Hotel (Chicago Downtown) &emdash;

Jen, Jenn, and I

There were so many more people I met, got to hug, see. It was amazing.
Is it to early to buy next year's ticket? Because I really want to go back! ;-)


  1. Working on next year soon! You're be the first to know. :)

    So glad you were able to come, Brandie! I know how much everyone enjoyed seeing you there! xo

  2. It was a great day! And I promise to always sit by you at events so you can keep winning stuff. :)

  3. It was so great to finally meet you, Brandie! I feel the exact same as you - so great to meet people IRL that you've worked/been chatting with.
    Rita sure made it memorable!
    Nice review. I'm glad you came, glad you stayed and gladder still that it turned out better than expected. You deserve it.
    Virtual hugs from Michigan!

  4. I'm so glad you came! I will wear my jammies in public for you anytime and I will work on my un-photogenic nature so that I don't look like I'm about to eat Amy lol

  5. I was SO HAPPY to be able to hug IRL :)


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