Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What doesn't kill you ...

Makes you stronger, right? I mean we've all heard the saying and more recently I'm sure most of us has sung along to the song!

I'm not sure if cancer has left me mentally stronger. I suppose in some ways it has. That said, physically, I am weaker than ever. Really. I did not get through surgeries, chemo, radiation, infection, medicine issues very well. At some points I could barely walk ... working out? Not even anywhere on the list of things to worry about. But lately, I've been ready to tackle it. And to get stronger, especially with my right arm, which has suffered the most during all of this. Not only that, but exercising is one of the few items I can control to help prevent recurrence. So I've been thinking about it. 

And lo and behold, just as this was on my mind I was offered a month to try out The Dailey Method. If you are like me, you have no idea what TDM is. Well, "The Dailey Method® is a unique combination of ballet barre work, core conditioning, muscle strengthening, yoga, and orthopedic exercises." In other words: TDM is Awe. Some. 

I've had the chance to take 3 classes now. And I Love it. Yes, Love with a capital L. 

Here's the thing: I am still technically recovering from my last surgery so I was a bit nervous about trying this out. I suck at following along in classes - historically, I get lost, confused and can't keep up, so I was nervous to try out these classes. And I feel so weak from everything that I was nervous to try out these classes. To sum up, I was nervous! LOL! 

But it went so well. Every class I've been too so far, the instructor comes around before class and introduces herself and asks if there are any injuries/issues she needs to be aware of. This is awesome. I explain (a streamlined version) of all that's going on and right from the beginning, they tell me: don't use weights when we go into that portion. Don't do this position when we get there, do this one. This has been invaluable to me. Truly. It's nice to start the class knowing ... I don't have to be nervous we'll get to something and I have to debate in my head can I do this or should I not

Not only that, but during the entire class the instructors walk around and reposition you if you need it (I need this often). If I get confused, the instructor comes over right away and helps me figure out what is going on. This is priceless. I don't have a big history of working out and so sometimes directions that seem simple enough to those who are used to them make no sense in my head. I think, wait, tilt what? What does that even mean? LOL!  

And during class the instructors are awesome at giving modifications for those who need it - whether it's one you need because you are new and still learning or because you are a seasoned pro and ready to take it up a notch. And they are very keen on reminding all of us in class to LISTEN to our bodies. They are great at reminding you to do what you need for YOU, not to worry about what others are doing. 

Overall, I love it. I'm so impressed.


I highly recommend trying it at least once - which is perfect since you can try a class for free! There are 8 locations in the Chicago area, but they are also all over the US. If you get the chance, definitely try it!

Disclosure: I was given a one month membership to the studio in exchange for telling you about my experience. As always though, all opinions and thoughts are my own


  1. I wish there was a studio near me! This sounds awesome!!! I love the personalized touch. That's one of the primary reasons I still do yoga one one one. First of all, chemobrain... I can't really hear Left hand to right ankle. I get confused (I laugh about it now... but still). My yoga instructor knows this so she's big on mirroring for me or standing behind me to help me pose. You had me laughing when you describe the "huh" feeling you sometimes get!

    I LOVE this..... Tell them to get to Long Island!!!


  2. I finally got to read what TDM is about. Don't tell Melisa! I'll look into seeing which ones are around my area. Thanks for sharing and being open about it!

  3. I took one class with Melisa, and now I'm waiting for them to open up a location near me. The class was awesome... I love how flexible they are to meet all your needs (and mine, too).


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