Monday, July 04, 2011

The hardest thing ...

Well this weekend it became obvious it was time to shave the hair. I feel stupid admitting it, but this is the hardest thing I've done so far. Yes, including surgery and chemo. {Okay, if I'm being truly honest, telling the kids about the cancer was the hardest thing so far, but this was a very very very close second}.

Anyway, it might have seemed harder because I was still sick from chemo when we shaved it. And I talked a big game - I said we'd mohawk it or some other crazy thing, and when it came time to actually shave it, I wasn't feeling well and I was so emotional about it all. We ended up not doing anything fun ... we just did it.

Ugh. I'm still not okay with it. I just really hate it. Many a tear has been shed over this hair thing. And I feel kind of bad- like I always tell the kids the outside doesn't matter, and yet, clearly, it does otherwise I wouldn't care so much.

Anyway, my kids - they rock. I haven't talked much about them here, I know. Not because they aren't awesome, but it feels strange to talk about something so personal to them on here to the whole world - if that makes any sense at all. But it's true - it's not just me who has cancer, it's all of us. And I have to brag for a moment and let you know that my kids are handling absolutely the best they can. I'm constantly blown away and amazing at how just awesome they are being during this time.

And today, today, proved no less. Today the girls begged and pleaded to let me let them cut some of their barbie doll's hair. I didn't want to. I want to save them all for the grandchildren and have them looking lovely and nice. But then I paused. A) They asked. I cut my barbie's hair but I most certainly didn't ask first and B) They are barbie dolls. Perspective can be such a lovely thing LOL! So I told them they could do just a couple and have fun. A little while later I was presented with Brandie Barbie.


I love the bandanna (which they made). But it gets even better, when you take off the bandanna ...


I mean, how cool is that? I never in a million years expected to have a Barbie modeled after me. Aren't I super lucky? I am ... not because of the Barbie though ... it's because my kids rock. And just have a way to always put a smile on my face.


  1. They get their rocking awesomeness because of you Brandie! Your a great Mom and kids show us that by little things. They are amazing like their parents. You and Eric are amazing so I wouldn't expect any different from all of them. Love the new look and the bandana! :)

  2. Yea, they make you smile and make me cry. Pass the kleenex, please.

  3. Anonymous8:31 AM

    You and Brandie Barbie are beautiful! It's amazing how insightful and kind kids are. You are an awesome mom! Thinking of you and sending love. xo Chris, San Diego

  4. Kids are such smart people. I hope that you will always have such an open dialogue with them throughout this journey. As I look at it, and I know that it is simplistic, but hair is hair, and it grows back. Fight this fight and look forward to many more beautiful hair days to come!

  5. LOVE Brandie Barbie - I honestly think they should take that idea to Susan G Komen or whoever and get them to sell them as fundraisers!! I'd buy one....especially if she wore the t-shirts you have...

  6. Well, shoot. That made me cry. You do have some pretty amazing kids. And, I must say, your head has a lovely shape. So that's a good thing, at least.

    Love you, sweetie. You still look beautiful, inside and out.

  7. Anonymous11:34 AM

    They're are as strong and compassionate as their momma...this is but a test Brandie and I know you of all people will over come and go on to help others...

    I'm proud to call you my friend and pray every night for a fast recovery.

    Love you,

  8. love your kids!

  9. Beveni8:56 PM

    How incredible your children are! ANd you rock the buzz baby!

  10. That is beyond awesome. You have the best kids ever. I can see where the shaving would be that hard. You know how much I hate just having the short cut in general. I DO love how you can still see the pink in it though :)

  11. I am SOOOOOO not surprised that your kids are SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!! Love that Brandie Barbie, but loving you more. I am both smiling and crying with you in this post. Not that it matters, but I think you look really pretty--edgy and a little badass. xoxo

  12. I'd love to use this to pitch Mattel for a Hope Barbie. You and your kids rock! Merry Christmas


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