Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Last night a friend dragged me out of the house {okay, just semi-dragged me} to go and see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. I've been dying to see this, but it felt like the cancer and chemo had conspired against me to make it so it wouldn't happen. Normally, I would have gone at midnight to see the movie, but not this time.

We went to the drive-in to see it. Which was nice. I was able to bring food/drinks I knew I could tolerate. While I'm positive I'm the last person on Earth to see this movie, I won't say anything just in case you are still waiting to see it other than to say, it was good. But the book? Way way better! Then again I'm pretty sure I've never thought a movie was better than the book so it's the nature of the beast.

It was so nice to get out - I hadn't really been out in a while.

In other news: WIWOMH today:

Today I'm wearing a simple scarf. I bought it at Target or Kohl's (I'm sorry I don't remember which store). It might be one of my favorite. Just simple cotton but I love it. It doesn't hurt that purple is my favorite color ;-)



  1. Purple is my favorite too :)

  2. Ahh no, I'm the last person to see it. I STILL haven't seen HP yet :(

    Cute scarf!!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life

  3. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Purple is my favorite color, too, Brandie! And you look adorable in it. Glad you got to see the movie - the drive-in is probably way better for your immune system too and you brought great snacks, so it sounds like a win-win! Hang in there and know that brighter days are ahead! xo Chris, San Diego

  4. Been thinking about you! Love your scarf. You look beautiful, mama.

  5. SO glad you went out. ANd that you enjoyed the movie! :D


    I'd be happy to guest post! I haven't ever posted on someone else's blog before. I don't think, so, anyway...

    Hey, hope you're feeling ok today. You made it through a huge hurdle. I am not surprised, though. You're a pretty tough chick, knitting needles and all.

  7. Nope- I'm pretty sure I was the last person to have seen the movie- we just went last night. And, although the movie was great, I agree... the book is better IMO.


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