Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More fun news ....

So, you know, sometimes retail therapy is a good thing. So today I indulged in some retail therapy and purchased these two shirts:

This one is available at cafepress here

And this one is available, also from cafepress here

I hope they arrive soon so I can wear. {And no, I'm not bald yet, but I am preparing for it!}


  1. Love 'em!!!! Seriously, I think that you wearing these will spark conversations--ones that most people don't know how to have. Another reason why you ROCK!!!!!!

  2. Both of those are awesome. I hope they make you feel good and powerful while wearing them. Attitude and mentality are a HUGE part of healing!!! :D

  3. I'm so happy you ordered these!

  4. Anonymous11:47 PM

    These shirts are AWESOME, Brandie!! You will be adorable in them and yes, Deborah is right, they will spark conversations. Sending love your way! Chris, San Diego

  5. I LOVE them! Especially #2. That is just perfect...


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