Monday, July 11, 2011

Did you miss me?

I've been MIA again. I'm sorry. I don't mean to disappear. So here's what happened.

Wednesday was one of those days where I spent a lot of time crying (this should have been clue number 1). And I felt pretty darn tired (clue number 2). And I was cold for most of the day. (clue number 3). But you know, really, I haven't had a whole lot of "normal" days so I didn't think much of it.

So we get all the kids to bed. Hubs and I climb into bed. He kisses me good-night very sweetly on the forehead. And then he gets that concerned look on his face and wants to take my temperature. In my head, I'm thinking fine, whatever, just let me go to bed. Yeah, 101.0. Which during chemo means trouble. So we call the doctor and get sent to the ER.

Which let me tell you, is absolutely no fun at all. So we run lots of tests. And we decide that we need to start some antibiotics as a precaution. And here, here is where it gets super fun. Almost as soon as they hook me up to the antibiotics, major stomach pain. Which leads to some severe vomiting. Which leads to a majorly huge panic attack. Which leads to them giving me both anti-nausea medicine and some Ativan.

Things finally calm down. Antibiotic is done. And they decide to release me (yay!). But silly me, I had to go to the bathroom. So we have discharge papers and prescription in hand. And I need to pee. Which is fine. Except, um, I passed out in the bathroom.

My blood pressure bottomed out. And apparently, if you pass out while still in the ER, even if you've been discharged, you get automatic admittance to the hospital. So I was there until Saturday at noon.

The only plus I can say is the staff was awesome and amazing. Of course, I didn't actually want to be there. I wanted to just be home. But I suppose with all that was going on, being there did make the most sense. On another good side, everyone knew who my oncologist was and I heard nothing but wonderful things about him. It seems everyone really respects him as a doctor. I already liked him, but now I like him even more.

Anyway, I hope to never have to repeat this experience again. Unfortunately, odds are against me this time. The doctor explained to me that once it happens with one cycle, it's much more likely to happen with the rest of them. We'll do some more stuff to try to prevent it. But thank goodness there are only 2 more cycles of these meds to go.


  1. So, you're home, right? We were gone today and I didn't see any updates on the computer today or yesterday.

    To try and distract you, imagine me and my family in a van for 2 hours on our way to Great America. Imagine being turned away at the gate because they had NO POWER. I have never heard of Great America being out of power, have you? Insanity.

  2. Sheesh! That is definitely no fun, and I have my fingers AND toes crossed that this doesn't happen for any of the remaining cycles. I hope you're feeling a ton better now. Yuck yuck yuck. *hugs* to you as always.

  3. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Thinking of you, Brandie, and sending (((hugs))) your way. May the next two rounds be uneventful for you. xo Chris, San Diego

  4. Grannie keep ripping up this one shrug she's making because she's not happy with it - she seems to be having a difficulty with the sleeves. I don't know which one it is - yours or Emma's - but she's not going to quit until she's happy with it.

    On a happier not, she has made the cutest little hat for Emma and she's going to knit a flower on the side - it's a flat topped hat with about a three inch rise from the brim - which is, itself, rather narrow. And it's beige. I think she'll love it.

    grannie keeps asking about you. She said, "Tell her I'm thinking of her."

  5. I have no sage words of advice for you, but hang in there and I am hoping that the next round gets a little bit easier, and the next even easier and you are back to you and your life in full swing soon. And I join the chorus of thinking about you too. Don't stay out of pocket too long. Hugs.

  6. I hope you never have to do that again either!

  7. Brandie, I'm sending you a great big hug and am glad to hear you're home again, and that you're in such good hands. I too hope the remaining cycles don't involve this again. xoxo


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