Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today I am wearing this pink hat on my head. I knit* this.

I'm not really knitting much these days. Honestly, chemo has kind of caused me to temporarily (at least I hope) not want to knit much. It's too hard, takes too much thought, etc. Maybe if I just knit some simple scarves with no thought required? I don't know. I hate that I'm not knitting much (or even attempting sewing, stitching, anything else) but every time I pick it up, it just feels all wrong. I chalk it up to another side effect that will go away and hopefully sooner rather than later!

Anyway, I also took this picture using the camera in my computer. It's not the greatest shot, but it is the easiest for me to take. So we'll trade ease today for a bad picture. Because that's just how the day goes sometimes!

*For those wondering the pattern is the lace trim cap from this site. I used Aimee yarn from Louisa Harding. And followed the pattern as written.


  1. I like, and you are color coordinated. I understand that chemo can cause a fog that makes things hard to concentrate on. Baby steps.. you are doing really well. Hugs and healing thoughts coming your way..

  2. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Been thinking about you, Brandie, but was out of town. Love your WIWOMH series--and you look very cute in all the photos! Hang in there and know that lots of love is coming your way from afar. xo Chris, San Diego

  3. Aw so adorable!! You did a great job :)

    Hope your Sunday has been fantastic.

    Prayers for you today for healing and contentment <3

    ox, Cami


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