Monday, July 18, 2011

Finally ...

a post not about me!

Yesterday mister man did this:


Yep. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt and yesterday was his turn.

Actually, I feel a little badly about it. Because it was so hot yesterday we pulled out a kiddie pool we had for the kids to splash around in. He jumped in and out and one time slipped and went down. He kind of cried. More like he whined. And whined. And he told us "I broke my arm. I need an arm cast like big sister had."

But he wasn't screaming. And for a while he sat and watched tv and didn't make a noise - except to occasionally tell us he broke his arm and could we take him to the doctor yet? We soon realized he was fine as long as he didn't move his arm, but moving it was a problem. So husband took him to the er, just in case.

Good thing too! He's being pretty cute about it now that he has his cool glow in the dark cast that everyone can sign.

Anyway, just another day in the life. Just more fun around here. =)


  1. Poor baby! I can't believe he didn't cry- I'd have been bawling, lol.

  2. oh no! Poor guy...don't feel too bad about it, we all do the same thing. "Ah, you're not hurt, you're not crying enough."

  3. What a brave little man.

  4. He's adorable!!!!!

  5. Natalie11:10 AM

    Poor guy!! I was about his age when (on my birthday) I was jumping around and slipped and fell. I knew right away I had broken my arm but the babysitter did not believe me and when mom picked me up told me I was fine. She wiggled my wrist to show me I was ok; by the time we were home it was swollen so off to the ER we went. Yup, broken wrist. I have to admit, I was a pretty smug 5 year old the next day walking into the babysitter's with my cast ;)


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