Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WIWOMH* 7/19

Welcome to the first edition of *What I'm Wearing On My Head. I've been meaning to do this since the hair loss but well, I keep forgetting and life keeps moving forward despite me looking for that pause button some days.

Today I am wearing this gorgeous scarf gifted to me by my friend Rachel and family (and no, she's not online so I can't link you anywhere).


I've been generously gifted many many things to wear upon my head. I think I could wear something different every day for many days. So I'm going to try to share one thing every day. Try is the key word here.


  1. Very cute! Try and try until you find something that suits you! :-)

  2. An eight year old friend of mine thinks you look like a pirate!!

  3. Truly beautiful!

  4. That's a beautiful scarf!

  5. That's quite lovely! Even matches your shirt, you matchy match girl.

  6. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I keep forgetting to check your blog so I was delighted to see this wiwomh topic. wanted to tellyou that htis scarf is gorgeous on you - great colors. What are the dimensions of the scarves you wear? Love the touch of pink and purple in the fuzz remaining a few pictures ahead. Thinkingof you often.


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)