Monday, June 13, 2011

Temporary Room ...

So, while I was in the hospital, I believe my husband talked about we weren't sure where I'd be sleeping when I got home.
The problem was that our bed was sitting on the floor. And it wasn't against a wall so I couldn't stack pillows very well without them all falling off the back.
So, my lovely husband turned our dining room (which by the way is the only place we have a table to eat at in our house) into a bedroom for me. We took the 11yo's bed down and she slept in a tent. {I might add here the tent - it was super fun for a few days and then she was anxious to get her bed back!}.

Anyway, as of last night I am back in our bed. We bought a frame and moved the bed so I can pile on the pillows. But I wanted to show off all the hard work my husband did for me.

First, as you can see, pillow stacking was very very necessary:

Remember my arms were pretty much useless when I came home, so I couldn't push myself up. So I compensated by sleeping at an angle I could successfully use my stomach muscles to sit all the way up LOL!
{Note: the teddy bear came from husband's work and I love her! The DVD player is where I watched many many episodes of Gilmore Girls. And also, it's hard to see but there is a blue and pink pillow hiding that is designed for after mastectomy surgery and they work. So well in fact that when I am feeling much better I will be making some to donate in a pay it forward kind of thing}

The other half of the bed:

So, the green/pink blanket is a prayer blanket from grannie's church. That I love. You can see my shirts we so elequently "hung" on the chair. All my scarves (here's where I admit before all of this I owned one. Just one. It's true!) And I loved being able to look at the kids art work! =)

A chair to sit in:
This is kind of across from the bed. The black curtain behind it was hanging in the doorway to the kitchen. Which doesn't really have a door and is just an opening. So it was nice to be able to block it. He bought a rod and a curtain to put there. Which I loved. Also, that is our cat Marcy. And she spent much time either in that chair or laying with me. It was kind of cute. She doesn't generally sleep with me. I'd like to imagine that she knew I was healing and trying to give me some extra love.

The shot from the front room. Again, the curtain was new and bought just for me. So I could have a bit or privacy.

In general, it was a lovely room. And it was much needed. But I can't lie. I'm glad to be back in my bedroom, in my bed, laying next to my husband. Although, as long as I'm being honest here, I did not in fact miss his snoring! ;-)


  1. Just get stronger, sweet girl. And it's good to see you getting out here again.

  2. So glad you're feeling well enough to be back in your own bed! Looks like hubby did a great job making you comfortable, but I'm sure it's nice to have your "old bed" back. :) Makes ya feel more normal!!

  3. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Your husband rocks. Well, except for the snoring...You are so funny!

    I am glad you are feeling better. It is great to read your post.

  4. What size mattress do you have? I have a full-sized bed frame with headboard and footboard that isn't being used. Let me know!

    Did you get my scarf, btw? Just checking.

  5. I don't know that I'd ever miss my husband's snoring. Ever ;) I love how you had your own setup when you needed it, but I can imagine it has to feel good to get back to where you belong. As for the cat? ABSOLUTELY they know. And it makes a difference. Keep her with you! :)


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