Friday, May 13, 2011

Softball ...

Well, we were supposed to have a busy softball week this week, but rain kept us from most of our games.
However, Miss M did have her first game of the season Tuesday! And it was so great!


My little girl has so very much grown up over the course of the last year! There is such a difference between last year and this year.


It's one of my favorite parts of being a mom - watching the kids grow and learn. I don't ever need my kids to be the best of the best - really we are playing sports to have fun and learn to be part of the team and to pass the time! But I can't lie - seeing practice pay off and hard work show - that's just awesome. {Both girls participated in softball classes over the winter!}


And my Little M (okay, so she's not really little, she's really tall, but she's little to me!} is having a GREAT season too. Daddy is her coach this year and so that is definitely a plus. And the team gets along so well and they all have fun together!


I know this is going to be a great season for her. As long as the rain stops interfering with the games that is! =)


  1. It is such a joy to watch your child improve their own skills while working as a team, right? We have baseball tournament all weekend....and they don't stop for rain. Only lightening. I'll show up prepared for anything. The weather is so weird. xo


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