Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday night update

Today was mother in law day.  Brandie says she was an excellent care taker.  I was home with the kids and have the overnight shift.

Today was another day of ups and downs.  Still fighting with some low blood pressure.  They thought the medicine could be causing the low blood pressure so she was pulled off the morphine and put on something similar to vicodin.  Brandie says the new pain meds do not relieve pain as well as the old.  Hard to disagree, I think morphine is the top of the food chain when it comes to pain relief :)

On the positive, Brandie's mobility is on the up.  She was up and walking the hallway for a bit today.  Movement is getting better.  We went through e-mails again today.  I also brought her all the cards and letters that have shown up during the past few days.  Thank you again everyone!

Speaking of things showing up.  A very large box arrived at our house today.  Thank you September 02' Mom's.  The box showed up right while I was finishing up lunch with the kids.  They went at that box like a pinata, I took pictures of it all.  I'm sure Brandie will share them at some later point.  The water guns were particularly popular.  (It was 78 and sunny here today!)

In other random thoughts, Brandie has discovered she likes gingerale (a lot). 

Having moments of feeling awesome, then moments of extreme tired send her back to bed and sleeping for hours.  She says this has all taken her by surprise.  She really thought recovery would just happen and that she'd be home sooner.  In this mindset she is comparing things to child birth, her only other previous reasons to be at a hospital.

Ok, that is all for tonight.


  1. Sending prayers for your healing. Much love.

  2. Thank You For all The updates Eric.. please tell Brandie I am missing all her tweets...twitter is too quiet! Love You All Very Much! All of my good thoughts and prayers are with her!

  3. Your body takes a real beating from surgery. It seriously wipes you out. Slow progress is still progress. Glad you're making some and can't wait till you are feeling better.

  4. Just take your time. Take it easy. You body will let you know when it's time to pick up the pace. Meanwhile, the Twitter world awaits your return.

  5. The best part about labor and delivery is once the baby and all are out, you generally feel normal (for the most part) immediately. Surgery is the opposite - it's after the procedure that's the hardest, and it's a much more gradual improvement. But she's doing so well after such an extensive surgery. Here's hoping the vicodin-like drug helps more today than yesterday!

  6. Thank you for updating. Please let Brandie know that I'm praying/thinking of her.


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