Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting Better Day by Day

Greetings all, Brandies momma here with the latest.

I spent the night with Brandie. She slept extremely well! Even the nurses were very considerate and didn't wake her if she was sleeping when they came in.

Brandie was a little light headed when she first got up this morning. She ate a good breakfast, a bowl of cheerios and fruit cocktail. After that she was pretty active. She actually pulled herself up without my help, is pretty much going to the ladies room on her own with very little help and she brushed her teeth on her own, and she stood the entire time!!! She was feeling so good about her accomplishments she asked me to get her pajama pants, and yes with a little help from me she got them on. She is more amazing than she'll ever know!

After all of that she had me bring her the I-Pad and she checked her e-mail, blog comments and twits (or are they tweets? heck I don't know it's all Greek to me!) She is still experiencing quite a bit of pain and can't raise her arms up so, I brushed her hair for her. Then it was time to rest again. She could not believe how wiped she felt after all her great accomplishments.

 Her Doctor stopped in last night and said everything looks good and he was very proud of her for getting up and walking to bathroom so, Some time today they are going to get her walking in the hall way.

Brandie truly appreciates all the prayers, good thoughts and love all of you are sending her way. They are a great help to her and keep her going forward. So, please keep them coming.

Thank you all very much for all the love your giving my baby girl. She is absolutely a great gift that God blessed me with!

Big hugs to all of you.
Love, Momma


  1. she's doing amazing! that's a LOT of cutting and stitching, and it's a tough recovery, but it sounds like Brandie is tougher! Way to go on the walking (they say that's a huge indicator of how well you're healing). Hope the pain gets better each day, and hope you continue to do so amazingly well!!

  2. Aw. I was fine until the last couple of lines. Now I'm crying. Brandie's momma, you have an amazing daughter!!!!! You all remain in my thoughts. Sending healing (((hugs))).

  3. She's amazing! Thank you again for the update. I can't wait til she's completely healed.

  4. You show cancer who's boss Brandie! I'm so happy that you're getting better, I hope that with each day that passes you'll continue to heal. Thank you again Ellyn for the update. Hugs to both of you!

  5. Thank you so much for updating us. She IS amazing!!! Please give her a (gentle) hug for me when you can.

    You are totally kicking ass,just remember it's take it easy on yourself, it's great to win each of the battles but the most important part is winning the war. Save your energy when you can and take the help you need.

  6. Ellyn, that brought tears to my eyes. And they're Tweets, fyi. Amateur. ;)

    Brandie, you rock, girl! I'm so proud of you. Now all we need to do is survive tomorrow's apocalypse and it's smooth sailing. :)

    Also, remember that discussion we had about my child popping my door lock the other night and the F bomb I dropped and on and on? Yeah. Something similar happened AGAIN. I refrained from swearing this time. Aren't you proud?

    Thought you might get a giggle out of that one.

  7. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Brandie------Our Thoughts and Prayers are With You. Get well soon. And say hellow to Eric----Jim,Carol,Janelle + James!

  8. My continued thoughts and prayers are with you and your family...i was just introduced to your blog a few day ago, yet you have been on my mind and in my prayers non-stop. Many Blessings, Jen

  9. Hi Brandie,
    It's Robin from The Motherhood. I just wanted to say I am so incredibly proud of you...I'll be keeping close tabs on your progress through these great updates on your blog. Your family is amazing (hi to your sweet mom)!
    Loving and cheering you on from here,

    p.s. Hey, guess what? We share the same birthday! :) I just realized that (although now I think I am remembering we discovered that last year - right???) only I had many (many) more candles on my cake - ha!

  10. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Brandie - thinking of you from the west coast, rooting for you all the way. I am so pleased that you are doing so well. Hang in there and know that you are loved. Chris, San Diego CA

  11. Cathy Paul12:32 PM

    Just spoke to your Mom and she said you were doing much better. So glad to hear that. You'll feel better/stronger every day now.


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