Monday, May 02, 2011

In other news ....

Although I can accurately report that the topic of cancer has seemed to take over our home, only one thing has been talked about more: t-ball and softball!

Yep, it's ball season in our house and this year we are extra busy as both girls are playing softball and Mister Man is finally old enough to join t-ball. Now, this boy has grown up watching his sisters play. He was probably 4 months old when he attended his first practice/game. And he has been wanting to play himself for quite some time.

So, finally, last week, Mister Man had his first game!

If you can't tell he was beyond excited and couldn't wait to play!


Hitting is one of his favorite things to do, although he also likes to play at the pitchers spot!


I love watching the little kids play t-ball. All in the ready position. How they all like to run towards the ball almost regardless of where on the field it lands. It's so fun!


This picture, however, this is my favorite. Mister Man was playing first base. He clearly missed learning about how to play first base. While he was never ready to catch the ball, here he is telling the child on first base when it's time for him to run to second base! It was so cute and so funny!


We have a great team this year - all the parents are laid back and just really want the kids to have fun and learn the game. We aren't really keeping track of score. It's a great first year of team t-ball for him.

The girls right now are still practicing and preparing for those first games! Miss Em is extra happy this year because daddy is her coach. I can't wait for their first games - which I believe are next week! =)


  1. :) Glad they're having fun! T-ball is a riot. They all stand around, unsure of what to do and where to go...

  2. omg he's so cute. My oldest is doing mustang baseball this year. Middle one dropped out of baseball and lil one has another year before he can play tball

  3. It's our first year of T-ball too and they are so cute!

  4. Anonymous8:07 AM

    ... so proud!!


  5. Anonymous8:11 AM

    The excitement just oozes from him! Too cute!!!

  6. Watching Camo play baseball when he was really little was my favorite- seeing all of the kiddos, so unsure of what to do- so completely uncoordinated and not professional- running around and having SUCH a great time.


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