Thursday, May 19, 2011

First 24 hours done, only up from here!

Hello Everyone!

We spent a bit of time talking online about some of our troubles today.  Those who follow facebook and twitter posts got a couple of updates that focused on pain and post surgery items.  While it's true that Brandie is dealing with a great deal of pain right now, she is making forward progress in many areas.

I wanted to write a few lines here talking about the good items.  She did get some great rest this morning.  For about 10 minutes after she woke from sleep she sounded and looked almost like a normal person (on bedrest).  I did manage to talk her into some food today.  Against numerous protests early on about her getting 'sick' we worked our way through some soup and applesauce.

Another great thing we did was read all of the messages you've sent in.  Nearly 100 posts, e-mails, tweets, etc were read to her.  Some nearly brought her to tears (the good kind of course).  I was reading names and alias's that I've never heard of, and Brandie would be saying ever so softly next to me... that's the person who sent me this, or they are the ones who I met at here, etc.  Yes many from family and friends, but plenty from people whom I've never met, but I cannot thank enough for all their support.  Your messages have helped carry her through these hard times and for that our entire family is grateful.  All of this before noon.

Shortly after noon we found out the hard way how much pain she would be in if she wasn't on the pain killers.  She had gone about 3 hours little to no injection from her IV.  It struck pretty fast, a sharp pain that was difficult to work through, that covered all across her chest area.  Making it painful to even take a breath.  It took about 45 minutes to get that under control.  That was the low part of our day.

We worked through it, although there again it was really Brandie who pulled through that mess.  She dosed up heavily on pain killers and from mid-pm until almost 7pm she pretty much slept.  She ate more food for dinner.  Although still far from what any of us would call a meal, I call it progress.  She even is standing up for a couple of minutes without feeling like she's about to pass out.  Although walking has been limited to about 3-4 steps before needing to lay down again.  Still, for 24 hours after major surgery, I also call this a win and will take the progress.

Her struggles right now are best described as finding balance.  She wants to get off the pain meds but her body is not there yet.  She wants to be up and about, here again, her body is not ready.  She wants to engage in simple activities, from watching tv, knitting, even talking, but her body is not ready.  We will get there!  Let us go to bed knowing that rest is good and tomorrow will be a better day for Brandie.  Thank you everyone.


  1. Brandie, there is no shame in taking pain meds. I know you want to get back to your kids & regular routine, but take your time. Each day will get better, I promise.

    I am so, so proud of you for tackling this quickly. I know I've said it before, but I've had so many patients that wait so long that decisions have to be made for them & options are taken away. You didn't do that. You OWNED this process.

    You are a good example to all of us. I know you're hurting right now. I can't wait for you to get through this stage. Heal fast, Brandie.

  2. Rest, Brandie, rest! You need to gather your strength to keep fighting this fight. Resting does not mean you are letting the cancer win -- you're just mustering for the next rally.

  3. Brandie, take all the pain meds you can for as long as is necessary. There is NO POINT being in pain if you don't have to be.

    If you get hooked on pain meds - don't worry. There's plenty of us out here who will help you get off the meds when the time comes. If it comes.

    Anyway. You and your body need rest. Your body, whether you want to admit it or not, have been severely abused and the more rest and recuperation you can afford yourself, the better off you'll be.

    Grannie, BTW, was SO pleased you liked your Tam and I gave her several pictures I took of you in it.

    I will publish more, on my blog, tomorrow, from Tuesday night.

    You, of course, are the Star.

    Take it easy - get better. There's a meetup coming in about a month. We'll be waiting for you to be there.

  4. Brandie, Eric and family,

    YOU got me through some of the darkest days when you and yours thought about me and mine, in thought, prayer and thoughtful gifts. I imagine that you have touched many more that just me along the way. As much as I hate that you are going through all of this, what I do know is this: you have the courage and the strength to do it. not let yourself suffer either. It is very early in the process. Use the pain meds and allow yourself to rest. You have done nothing but work hard as a mother, housewife, student, friend, etc. Now it is time to let yourself heal from your surgery with as much comfort as possible. steps!

    Love you SO much! Alesia xo

  5. I am so glad the messages make you smile, Brandie. I keep wanting to send something hilarious or monumentally touching, but (shockingly enough) find myself tongue-tied. I KNOW! Can you believe it?

    I read that some people have a button pusher for them when they sleep so that there isn't that lapse of pain medication when they wake up. I bet you can find a husband or mom who would be willing to push the button while you rest, hon.

    People you've never met are praying and thinking of you. I hope that this raises some of the pain from your body and gives strength to the cells that need to recuperate.

    As always, I love you.

  6. Oh, also, I love your family for keeping us updated. I know you guys have other things on your minds that don't involve the Internets. I truly, truly appreciate it! So does my husband who has been watching his wife fret and worry!

  7. Kelcey sent me the other day and I wanted to check back in on your progress! You had me hooked from the first blog post I read on what an amazing and strong woman you are! I hope, if I am ever faced with something like this, that I can be as upbeat and optimistic as you are. I truly believe that your wonderful attitude (along with an amazing family) will get you through anything that life throws at you. More hugs and prayers being sent your way, Brandie...may God Bless you.

  8. I had a doctor tell me once - if you are in severe pain, you cannot heal as well as you can without that severe pain. If you push it too far too fast, you will move backward in your recovery. I'm a hard headed post-surgical patient, too. But when he told me I could send myself backward, I listened. Please take the time for yourself to get to where you can and will do more, with less medication. You've had such a big "cut" so to speak. Think of the square inches, the sheer number of stitches! you will get through this, because we all know you're strong. Just don't push it too far, too fast, or try to go without assistance yet. you will get there. :)


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