Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday's happenings

Hello everyone !

I'm keeping this simple today.  Things are looking good here.  Brandie had noticeable improvments in everything.  There is rumor she may be released to home tomorrow...

Now if only I was ready at home.  As stairs are out of the question for her, it looks like Brandie will be sleeping in the dining room for a bit.  Going to borrow the twin bed from one of our kids (they don't know this yet).  From there I plan to fashion a couple of privacy sheets around the room.  Now I just need to find a place for our dining room table?  I'm thinking it might not like being put in our back yard.  This could get interesting.

Good night all.  Thanks for the well wishes, seems to be working great.  It just took some time to gain traction.



  1. Eric...

    have you looked into renting a hospital bed? maybe insurance will cover it? might make it easier for her to get in and out of bed? just a thought.

  2. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Brandie & Eric - thinking of you all, sending love and support for a smooth transition home! Be well, all. Chris, San Diego CA

  3. I think the dining table would like a vacation to the garage...

    Glad she's going home. Take care of yourselves, guys.

  4. Brandie - I hope your recovery is quick and you have lots of support around you. Positive thoughts coming your way!
    Fellow DuPage Mamma blogger - Jamie Martin


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