Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween!

All three of my lovelies:


And I admit, I just love this shot of them - it's so them! Even with my oldest blurry - because they are always moving and on the go, and someone is always on someone and this is just the perfect picture of them, they way they are!

My bride:

Now, how long until the real wedding? I see this picture and boy, it knocks me back. Soon enough we won't be dressing up - it will be the real deal! Yikes! For now though, it was great pretend fun! The dress was from a wedding earlier this year. I made the veil and shawl for her though =)

My candy corn:

I made the costume for her - it was actually pretty easy to whip up. I even lined the whole thing. She helped me draft the pattern - it was so cute to get her input and to get her help. I loved making it just for that reason =)

My BLUE dinosaur:

And yes, blue is very important because he was so completely insistent that he had to be a blue dinosaur. So off to the store we went to pick out blue fabric to make his blue dinosaur and thankfully he loved it and it must have been what he pictured!


I also made some fun halloweeny things for myself!


A cute skirt (that I love and so want to make a million more of - one for every day of the year would be fabulous! So nice and comfy and wonderful! LOL!) And I embroidered the little spider on the shirt to match it.

It was such a great Halloween overall, and we got more than enough candy to satisfy everyone's sweet teeth =)


  1. All the costumes are great, of course, but the candy corn is my favorite :)

  2. I LOVE the candy corn costume, such a neat idea!


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